Water well drilling rigs in hydropower projects
Water well drilling rig for hydropower projects of the notes we take a look at it.

Water well drilling rigs are mainly suitable for water well drilling rig construction, geothermal well construction, for hydroelectric power station projects, railways, highways, urban foundations and other geotechnical projects with large diameter vertical holes or unloading holes; using hydraulic water well drilling rigs at the time, water well drilling rig work must be certified after special training, strict inspection and a certain amount of work experience. The driller must have a good knowledge of the rig's operating requirements and comprehensive maintenance, as well as extensive troubleshooting experience. So, what water well drilling rigs should you be aware of during a hydroelectric project?

1. The safety of the loading water well rig must be checked. All parts must be intact and free from leaks of cables, drill pipes, bits etc.

2. The rig should be securely loaded, turned or bent out of the way, with the wire fixed and secured.

3. When entering the construction site, the drilling rig should be fixed and the drilling area should be larger than the water well drilling rig, with sufficient safety space around it.

4. When drilling, the drill must be constructed in strict accordance with the drilling position and direction, angle and depth of the hole, and the drill must not be modified without permission.

5. Check the drilling rig when installing the drill pipe to ensure that the drill pipe is not clogged, not bent, and the steel wire is not worn, and that the drill pipe is not unqualified.

6. when loading and unloading the drill bit, strictly prevent the pipe clamps from clamping the carbide parts, and strictly forbid the prevention of flat drill bits and core pipes.

The units of the water well drilling rig are as follows

1. Hydraulic oil pump: It is a double type high capacity pump to provide power to the power head. The small displacement pump is a four foot cylinder with a lifting mast cylinder and an afterburner/lifting pulley cylinder to provide power.

2. Four legs: The water well drilling rig consists of hydraulic cylinders and a fixed frame to adjust the body height at the work site to support and stabilise the body.

3. Mast: A frame structure made of giant steel tubes, channels and angles welded together. The inner slots in the channel steel on both sides are used to run up and down the power head to ensure the verticality of the hole. The rise and fall of the well mast is done by hydraulic cylinders.

4. Power head: The mechanism with gear reducer has a large diameter mandrel in the middle of the low speed shaft. The upper end of the mandrel can be connected to the hose connection of the concrete pouring equipment to inject concrete; the lower end of the mandrel is connected to the drill pipe and the drill head via a blue plate. The high speed shaft is driven by a high torque hydraulic motor.

Instructions for use of the water well drilling rig:

1. Check all hoses for leaks and tighten fittings or replace if necessary.

2. Check that all oil cups are filled with calcium-based grease.

3. Diesel engine check.

4. Check diesel air filter.

5. Hydraulic oil tank level and hydraulic oil filter blockage indicator.
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