Hydraulic Water Well Drilling Rig Precautions
Hydraulic water well drilling rig installation should pay attention to what, Relied Group collated notes, take a look together below.

1. Entering the construction site, should be fixed well drilling equipment, drilling area should be larger than the seat of the drilling rig, there should be enough safe space around. 2. When drilling, strictly in accordance with the location and direction of the hole, the angle, the depth of the hole and other construction. Hydraulic water well drilling rig shall not be modified without authorisation. 3. Check the drilling equipment when installing the drill pipe to make sure that the drill pipe is not clogged, not bent, and the wire nozzle is not worn out, and it is strictly prohibited to make the drill pipe unqualified. 4. When loading and unloading drill bits, strictly prevent pipe clamps from clamping carbide parts, and strictly prevent flattening drill bits and core tubes. 5. When installing drill pipes, the second root must be installed after installation. 6. When using fresh water for drilling, water supply is not allowed before drilling. After the water is returned, drilling pressure is allowed. Ensure that there is sufficient flow, that no dry holes are allowed, and that the amount of rock in the hole should be increased. You may stop drilling after the actual drilling. 7. Distances should be measured accurately during drilling. Usually, the drill pipe must be measured every 10 metres or the drilling tool must be changed to verify the depth of the hole. 8. There is no overheating of the gearbox, bushings or vertical shaft gears. If there is any abnormal sound, stop the problem immediately, find the cause and deal with it promptly.

Prevent water well drilling platform

1. All types of pipe, fittings and couplings must be stored and used in the same manner as new and used. Use lifting drills, correct drilling depths and repositioning times, and check drill bits for bends and wear.

2. The drill pipe is worn 2 mm on one side of the diameter or uniformly to 3 mm, more than 1 mm per metre of length; the wall thickness of the core pipe is more than 1/3 of the wall thickness, more than 0.75 mm per metre of length; the drill bit is slightly cracked; the hole should not be entered if the threads are severely worn, wobbly or badly deformed. Straight pipe drill pipe and core pipe are straightened by straight pipe straightening, and it is strictly prohibited to knock with big tap.

3. Master reasonable drilling pressure, do not blindly press the hole.

4. When disassembling the drill bit, it is strictly forbidden to strike the drill pipe and its joints with a sledgehammer.

5. When reaming or drilling, the rotary resistance is too large and driving is prohibited.

Advantages of well drilling equipment

Compared with the rotary drilling rig, the well drilling equipment has incomparable advantages.

(1) The hydraulic driven power head can achieve stepless speed regulation to meet different drilling process requirements.

(2) No need to use square drill pipe and water well drilling rig problems, can save a lot of auxiliary time and water well drilling rig brand when lifting drilling tools, thus improving the pure drilling time;.

(3) Hydraulic control can be used to achieve hydraulic feed pressure and reduced pressure drilling of the drilling tools; and

(4) The drill bit can be lifted while turning, which makes it easy to deal with drilling collapse and reduce drilling accidents; and

(5) The power head drilling rigs all adopt long stroke feeding mode to meet the high-speed requirements of multi-process drilling rigs; (6) The drilling rigs are highly mechanised.

(6) Higher degree of mechanization and lower labour intensity.

(7) The connection between the components is only through the pipeline connection, so the hydraulic drive drilling rig is easy to modify, and different mechanisms can be easily added according to the requirements of the use.

(8) Since the rotary feed and the drill can be operated simultaneously and equipped with a hydraulic power system, the drill can be quickly changed to a different drilling process when needed.
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