How to perform oil maintenance on water well drilling rigs?
How does a water well drilling rig rig perform oil maintenance work?

First of all, by digging and replacing the oil of the water well drilling rig caused by the thinning of the engine oil.

The main reasons for oil entry are as follows.

1. Oil radiator damage.

2. Suggest that the machine is clogged with water.

3. Damaged cylinder seal.

4. Cylinder liner has cracks.

5. Damaged cylinder head gasket.

The antioxidant function of water well drilling rig oil will be reduced after entering water, and then the oil will become thinner and thinner, leading to the reduction of lubrication function.

Secondly, the engine oil becomes thinner due to the fuel entering in the oil of the buried water well drilling rig.

The fuel mixed into the oil will also make the oil thinner. The main reasons are as follows.

1. Shortcomings in the fuel supply system and poor fuel atomization cause fuel or large amounts of excess fuel mixture to mix into the crankcase and engine oil, which then thins the oil.

2. The water well drilling rig suggests that the engine is idle for a long time, repeatedly suggested, etc., so that the fuel mixture enters the crankcase and makes the oil thin.

3. Oil thinned by oil pump or forced lubrication of oil pump forced lubrication.

4. Stepping on the throttle and accelerating when stepping on the throttle will also cause fuel to enter the oil and then make the oil thinner.

5. Cylinder wall wear leads to cylinder diameter change, piston ring damage, improper piston ring equipment, etc., which leads to oil thinning.

Precautions for water well drilling rig operation

1. Water well drilling rigs must be specially trained and certified after strict inspection and certain working experience.

2. Water well drilling rigs must master the operating requirements of the rig and comprehensive maintenance knowledge, and have extensive troubleshooting experience.

3. Transporting the drilling rig, a safety check should be made and the water well drilling rig must be complete, with no leakage of cables, drilling rods, drilling tools and other five damaged phenomena.

4. The water well drilling rig should be firmly loaded, the turn or ramp should be slowed down and fixed with steel wire.

5. When entering the construction site, the drilling rig should be fixed, the drilling platform area should be larger than the rig seat, and there should be enough safety space around it.

6. Drilling should be done strictly in accordance with the drilling position and direction, angle and depth of the hole, and the drilling personnel should not change it at will.

7. When installing the drill pipe, check the drilling rig to ensure that the drill pipe is not blocked, not bent, and the wire is not worn. It is strictly forbidden to use unqualified drill pipes.

8. When loading and unloading the drill bit, strictly prevent the pipe clamps from clamping the carbide parts, and strictly forbid to prevent the flat drill bit and core pipe.

This is all you need to know about water well drilling rig oil maintenance problems and operational precautions, hope it will be helpful to you.
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