How important is the water well drill bit for drilling water wells?
What is the role of a water well drill bit for drilling water wells? Today we will go over the importance of the drill bit.

1. The water well drill bit should first clean the bottom of the hole to restore the structure and bring the end of the rotating hole to a halt. In order to improve the cushioning force, any increase in force that can be achieved is most preferable.

2. Care must be taken during the operation of the water pipe tip. It may be necessary to clean the inside of the bore and to clean the remaining holes in the bore. During this process, it is forbidden to generate electricity.

3. When opening the borehole, the rotating part of the spindle will vibrate and affect them. Then, after a short period of operation downhole, the central metal fitting is raised.

The manufacturer of the water well drilling describes the matters to be noted during the operation of the water well drilling.

I. Preparation before starting:

1. Check carefully that all parts of the drilling machine are complete.

2. Are the screws loose?

3. Is the lubricant in the required position.

4. The control buttons are flexible and reliable.

5. The drill rod and drill bit are damaged.

6. The hole frame is or is not broken.

7. Is the spraying facility in place.

II. Normal start-up:

1. The drill is left idle for 1 to 2 minutes, listening carefully for the presence of strange noises and noise.

2. Slowly open the eyes at low speed.

3. There are no abnormalities in the low speed gear and there are no rocks in the seam to regulate the eye speed. If the coal seam always contains meteorites and the rocks are very hard, it should only be used at low speed.

III. Shutdown:

1. the borehole should be removed promptly after drilling the borehole, the drill bit and the drill frame.

2. the drill pipe, drill bit and supporting hole frame to be dismantled should be placed and cleaned in a way that does not affect the safety of pedestrians

3. after stopping the drill, the floating coal in the drill body should be cleaned and the oil in the drill body should be cleaned and tidied.

4. the drill rig explosion-proof switches, cables and control buttons are arranged in such a way that they do not impede the safety of pedestrians and are neatly placed.

Daily maintenance of the water well drilling

Firstly, the equipment must be protected before installation in the following ways.

1. check that the oil level in each tank is appropriate and that the oil quality is normal.

2. Check that the oil level in each gearbox is adequate and that the oil quality is normal.

3. Checking for oil leaks.

4. Make sure that the wires of the main and secondary steel are not cut and that the connections are secure.

5. Check that the propeller is not moving and that the internal grease is not dirty.

6. Make sure there are no scratches, burns, brushes or other scuffs on the steel components and correct them.

7. Tighten tubes and screws.

This is all you need to know about the importance of drilling water wells and what to look for during operation.
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